XMC is Here's why:

About XMC

Our server began as Moonlight SMP all the way back in April of 2019. As a network, however, we began exactly a month after. It was this month that we introduced a second server to our name.
As for features, we have many datapacks that we believe enhances the vanilla experience and makes it more enjoyable in the long term. Our team and community has worked long and hard to perfect our list of installed datapacks. You can see the full list here in a convenient Google doc

Join the Servers

We proudly run our XMC Vanilla server, and we are happy to have XMC Modded under our name.
  • XMC Vanilla – Whitelisted and 100% vanilla. Runs the latest 1.15 snapshots. Apply at apply.xmcnet.work.
  • XMC Dev – Our general do-whatever test server. It runs the same version as Vanilla (and your whitelist comes bundled!).
  • XMC VR - A public server running Vivecraft for the VR gamers. VR is not required to join, the NONVR Companion is acceptable if you do not own a headset Join the discord here

User Reviews

Don’t just listen to me ramble to fill up space, check out what some of our dedicated players say!