📖 About XMC

We have many datapacks that we believe enhance the vanilla experience and make it more enjoyable in the long term. See the full list here in a convenient Google doc.

Take a look into the server at xmcnet.work/map, which uses our web map.

📝 Join the server

Our vanilla server is whitelisted and runs Fabric server-side, meaning you don't have to download anything to join. We currently update to the latest version as soon as possible, whenever a new one is released.

Apply on our Discord (16+) at apply.xmcnet.work.

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💸 Support us on Patreon

Like the server? Consider donating to help us run it for even longer! Our main goal is to eventually reach ~$80-100/mo, which will allow us to afford a dedicated machine for even better performance, more control, and maybe even expansion beyond only Minecraft.

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